Gratitude and Joy – October 1, 2018

Monday, October 1, 2018 Gratitude My warm fluffy comforter. Connecting with friends. Hot tea on a rainy day. Audiobooks! A sink empty of dirty dishes. Soup. Coffee. Time to write. Sage and Citrus candles. Hot tea. Joy Finishing a good book and having another one to start. It is soup season! Time for self care. … Continue reading Gratitude and Joy – October 1, 2018

The Value of Friendship

Anyone who has ever met me knows I am extremely friendly.  I like people, I like to see people happy and smiling, I like to spend time surrounded by people.   There are times that this is extremely fulfilling and feeds my soul.  There are other times that it can be draining and disheartening.  Over … Continue reading The Value of Friendship