Zero:Dark-Thirty. The time of day everyone should be sleeping.  I got up this morning to go running with Michele. We are going again tomorrow morning. We are getting in between a mile and a mile and a half in 15-20 minutes.  If we keep it up, eventually we will get up to 2 miles in … Continue reading Zero:Dark-Thirty

Yoga and wine.

Tonight was yoga! It's been two weeks and I missed it. There is something about moving, stretching, and guiding the body with purposeful breath and conscious thought that is extremely rewarding. Followed by a glass of wine. Perfect evening!

Suicide Prevention – PaddlePower 2011

Bright and early on August 20, I was up and out the door for PaddlePower, a two day kayak adventure down the Connecticut River to raise money and awareness for Suicide Prevention and West Central Behavioral Health's emergency services.  There was hustle and bustle as everyone got registered and psyched up for going down the river. Registration … Continue reading Suicide Prevention – PaddlePower 2011