TARC Fells Ultra – 32 Miler – DNF

I know I wrote about DNF'ing 24 Hours of Shale Hell back in 2014, it wasn't a true DNF in the sense that there was no set distance to finish. It was simply a do what you could in 24 hours. After this weekend (December 3) at TARC Fells Ultra, I have my first real … Continue reading TARC Fells Ultra – 32 Miler – DNF

Infinitus 2016

We all have our favorite events for one reason or another.  One of mine is just over the mountain from me, tucked away in Goshen, Vermont.  Infinitus is put on by The Endurance Society and is billed as a rugged trail race (registration is now open for 2017).  Rugged is putting it mildly with distances … Continue reading Infinitus 2016

O2X Summit Challenge at Sugarbush Mount Ellen

I love pushing myself physically, and mentally. I also love trying new things, especially new events. When a new series was announced with the inaugural event only 45 minutes away from me at Sugarbush Mount Ellen, I put it on my calendar immediately.Per their website: O2X is the most authentic challenge out there. Our Base-To-Peak … Continue reading O2X Summit Challenge at Sugarbush Mount Ellen