It's Okay to Grieve

We all are going through massive changes and higher levels of stress than normal. This pandemic has taken us by storm and we are having to get used to a lot of changes at once. We are trying to stay positive amongst the freak outs. Here's the thing though! You don't always have to be … Continue reading It's Okay to Grieve

My journey won’t look like yours.

Sometimes I think about the journey I am on and wonder why it doesn't happen as quickly or as clearly as others journeys. That getting from point A to point B seems to take forever for me and that it doesn't happen in a nice straight line. You see, the thing that I often forget … Continue reading My journey won’t look like yours.

O2X Summit Challenge at Sugarbush Mount Ellen

I love pushing myself physically, and mentally. I also love trying new things, especially new events. When a new series was announced with the inaugural event only 45 minutes away from me at Sugarbush Mount Ellen, I put it on my calendar immediately.Per their website: O2X is the most authentic challenge out there. Our Base-To-Peak … Continue reading O2X Summit Challenge at Sugarbush Mount Ellen

Yoga and wine.

Tonight was yoga! It's been two weeks and I missed it. There is something about moving, stretching, and guiding the body with purposeful breath and conscious thought that is extremely rewarding. Followed by a glass of wine. Perfect evening!