I know I touched on the blight in my last post, but it has really been eating at me.************************* This year Jeremy, Mom, and I took on gardening. This is not a new task, but we took on some new ideas and steps. We wanted tomatoes, lots of them! Tomatoes were going to be diced, … Continue reading Blight

Camping & Tomato Blight

Friday after work, Jeremy and I took off for a weekend of camping at Stillwater State Park at Lake Groton. The trip was fantastic! Lots of paddling, fishing, relaxing, good food, and even greater company!We took Sammy (Dad's dog) for the weekend, as Dad and Deb were going away as well and couldn't bring him … Continue reading Camping & Tomato Blight


My plants are all starting to look so good. One of my trays of lettuce got too tried out, there was water in the bottom, just not enough. Other than that, I have mesclun mix looking vibrant and yummy. My roma tomatoes are starting to poke up, moved them to a more well lit spot. … Continue reading Plants


This weekend was spent house sitting at Mom and Lynda's while they went to the Cape. They had the dogs, so it was a matter of keeping the kitties and horses fed, and making sure the chickens got in each night.Jeremy and I had planned to try to get the garden beds weeded and turned … Continue reading Mucking