Final Project

Graveyards have always drawn me in. I can spend hours wandering through them exploring. For this final project, I decided I wanted to show them for what the stones can be: art. I chose a day with blue sky, but some overcast shadows so there wasn’t a lot of glare. My favorite technique for this … Continue reading Final Project

Barbara Kruger – Homage

Born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1945, Barbara Kruger is considered a conceptual artist. Her use of photographs and existing images with bold aggressive statements is the trademark of her work. This is seen with black and white images with the statements written in red, or white on red bases. Working as a graphic designer, … Continue reading Barbara Kruger – Homage

In Class Shoot – Lighting

We played with lighting in class. There are some great ways to get different results depending on the type of lighting and the angle of lighting.Side Lighting - Edited with Magnetic Lasso and Edited Levels on Background***Side Lighting with Black Background - Curves Edited***Backlit - Edited Levels