My journey won’t look like yours.

Sometimes I think about the journey I am on and wonder why it doesn’t happen as quickly or as clearly as others journeys. That getting from point A to point B seems to take forever for me and that it doesn’t happen in a nice straight line. You see, the thing that I often forget is that I am only seeing what others want me to see, I am not always (or even usually) seeing the failures and the challenges. I am not seeing the roadbumps and u-turns and roundabouts that come up. I only get to see the “hey guys, guess what I am working on!” to “hey guys, guess what I did!” and it is important to remember that everything is a highlight reel, even what I put out is the highlight reel and that people are likely having the same response to my journey.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we add the extra stress and the anxiety to an already stressful and anxious process? If I had the answers to these, I could easily avoid them. Well, maybe not easily, but I could absolutely work to avoid them.

I know that the failures and the challenges are part of the journey. That they allow us to appreciate the final product and the end result (man am I full of cliches tonight!) but that does not mean that I enjoy them. What it does mean is that I will work extra hard and be extra vigilant to make as few of them as possible. Don’t get me wrong, I too have my fair share of stories in which I didn’t pursue a dream or a goal because I was afraid of the inevitable failure that was sure to come along the way that would set me back and challenge me. Do you know what that got me? Nowhere. Fast.

Even the idea of having that thing to share on my highlight reel hasn’t been enough at times. I guess what I am trying to say is that our journeys will never look the same and that no matter what we share with each other online, or even in person through the stories we tell, we are never sharing everything and that it is okay that your journey does look like mine.

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