The passing of a year.

It has been an entire year since I last posted.  I am not quite sure how that happened other than life happened!

What’s been happening since then?

I am on break from Roller Derby for the summer.  I just want to be outside.

I have been running more.  I lost a lot but it feels so good to be moving.

I am falling in love with yoga again even though I am not practicing as often as I want to be.  No excuses.  I need to prioritize it!

I have been going to events less and spending more time with family and friends.  I am fully okay with this decision.

I designed some leggings from my photographs and am loving them! Link and pics coming soon.

Some of my goals?

  • Run sub-45-minute trail 5k.
  • Run sub-40-minute road 5k.
  • Climb once a week minimum.
  • Practice yoga 3 times a week minimum.
  • Gym? Figure out if I want to be a part of my life right now and either get back to it or cancel my membership.
  • Get 3 months of expenses saved and set aside for the what ifs.
  • Travel somewhere new.
  • Reach my reading goal of 52 books this year.

What’s new with you? What are some of your goals?


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