Hiking Doesn’t Always Include a View – Part 2

Hiking Doesn’t Always Include a View – Part 1


Summit of Mt Abraham

With zero views the day before, drinking and stuffing our faces at Prohibition Pig, and my brilliant idea for everyone to hike from App Gap to Lincoln Gap, grabbing two of Vermont’s 4000 footers, well, everyone but myself and Ruby as we were playing car sherpas, it was a new day.

Another drizzly dreary day and the view from App Gap was almost non-existent.  We had Ruby’s car, my car, Ryan’s truck, and Dani’s car to shuttle so we sent the runners off down the trail and got started.  It took us a solid 3 hours of driving back and forth to transport all of the vehicles and get ourselves ready to start hiking.  Our goal was to hopefully meet everyone at the summit but they were moving fast and were about a half mile down from the summit when we met up with them.


Fairy House

We noticed we were all in Topoathletics!


Topo Party

They headed on down the hill while Ruby and I continued our climb.  The top was completely socked in and with everyone already at the bottom waiting for us, the plane crash exploration would have to be tabled for another trip.  A couple quick photos and down the mountain we went.

Summit with Ruby

After picking our way down from the summit, we ran where we could, and before we knew it were back at the bottom!  This was a quick and fun hike that has become one of my favorites when time is limited.

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