I am glad all weekends aren’t like this!

This weekend didn’t stop.  It had some really great high points and some really low low points. 
A quick touch on the positive!
Jeremy worked Saturday morning and I got to sleep in.  There was a quick work lunch followed by some afternoon disc golf.  Met up with Stacey to head to Lowell, MA for Panic in the Dark.  Review to come tomorrow.
Sunday brought about a round at The Quarries Disc Golf Course in Barre, VT. Challenging course with several lost discs, a found disc, and the highest score I have had in a long time.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing on the couch. 
Eats were sporadic with the roast chicken for Sunday night dinner the highlight.  Can’t wait to make a chicken stew with the left overs for dinner tomorrow night.
Hopefully I will get to NaNoWriMo tomorrow and get some words on the official count.

Challenge day 3! Kris at Healthy Livings a Bitch is also posting every day in November.

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