Day 1: Challenge Accepted

Today is the First of November. I have set a challenge for myself to post daily for the entire month.  I also challenged Kris over at Healthy Livings a Bitch to post daily as well. Here we go!

I never have been a daily food photographer and I don’t plan to start now. If I make or eat something that looks utterly fantastic and work photographing I will. 

I woke up to go running this morning and had a text waiting that due to the rain my buddy was canceling.  I wasn’t feeling super hot and not looking forward to crawling out of bed so I was okay with the decision.  Let’s just say that 5am and I haven’t become friends yet.
The only to not getting up and going by myself is that I don’t have the time today in my schedule to get the run later.  I am okay with that as well.  I will get in some activity tomorrow and then I am getting scared at Panic in the Dark.  As someone who used to be afraid of the dark, it will be quite the occasion! I could handle ORTC Shale Hill’s Halloween Run, I can handle this.  Looking forward to it actually.  (I’ll post a link to my race recap from Shale Hill once I have it finished.)

Today also starts NaNoWriMo and I am participating again this year.  My story is a zombie tale:
What happens when you sign up for a Zombie Run obstacle course race and it turns out they let loose real zombies? What happens when you find out that the government was behind the outbreak? For this team of survivors, the answers are never what they seem. 
As I write, no matter how the story is going, I plan to post.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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