Review: Locklaces

Is it really that hard to bend over and tie your shoes? That was my first thought when I read about LockLaces.  Then I read a few reviews. Then I started to think about how handy they would be. How sometimes I want to wear my sneakers but want to just pull them on for a quick walk or I need to get outside quickly.  I could wear them loose and not worry about stepping on loose laces.  I could snug them up for a walk or run.  I could get really fun colors to offset the colors of my sneakers. Then I ordered a pair.
When they arrived, I sat down, read the brief instructions, laced up my shoes, and pulled them on.  It was amazing! They fit snug but since they were elastic, there was a bit of give.  I loosened them up and there was no slippage so I could go for a walk without tightening them.
I have gone for several walks, to work, even a light run.  They have been great. It does take a little getting used to as I over tightened them several times and when that happens my feet start to hurt.  It was simple fix to loosen them and keep going.
I don’t know if I would trust them to keep my feet on without being too tight for a mud run like a Spartan Race, but I will be trying them on for a local Zombie Run in September.

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