My First Spartan Sprint

After a nice break after the Hurricane Heat that included a hose off, some SnapSuperCandy, and dry feet, it was time to get registered.  Registering was easy. I handed over my ID, they handed me my packet. Inside was my bib number with safety pins, wrist band with my time, timing chip, and the coolest headband with my bib number on it.  I wish all races gave you headbands with your number on them. 

Love the headband!

One of the perks of being a part of the largest team, the NE Spahtens numbered 247, was having a team tent! I don’t know as I can do an event that doesn’t have a team tent. It was awesome to have a space to stash my bag with access whenever I wanted it, somewhere to step out of the sun, and most importantly a place where the team congregated.  I was able to spend more time with my battle buddies, I was able to feel a part of the team instead of wondering aimlessly. 

NE Spahtens Team Heat

As 10:15 neared, our team made our way to the start line for a group photo. Coach Shoutsalot was at the mike but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.  While waiting for our group photo I was talking with my battle buddy Mercedes about getting through and she said she was going with Debbie at her pace which was along the level me and asked me to run with them.  It was the best decision I could have made. Thanks to Mercedes and Debbie, I finished and finished strong.
I might not be in order with my obstacles, some of the course is a blur.

Starting to get muddy!

The traverse wall got the better of me. I made it over halfway across before slipping off. Time to start working on my grip strength!  I only made it across with help from my team during the Hurricane Heat, so I was very proud of making it as far as I did.

The traverse wall got the better of me.

The wall that we pushed and pulled everyone over during the Hurricane Heat now had ropes hanging down for us to use to climb up and over.  Mercedes walked me through the best way to climb over, telling me to lean back and drop my butt.  Next thing I knew I was at the top! I did it!

I did it!

 I couldn’t climb the rope but I was able to get through the over/unders.  We went up and down the trails, slipping in the muddle, huffing and puffing.  I carried sandbags, climbed over the cargo containers.  I killed the tire drag and pully thing.

Battle Buddies

This Spartan Sprint had something in homage to the 2013 Death Race, a Gamble.  Take the left path, shave a tenth of a mile, but its steep and technical.  Take the right path, its a tenth of a mile longer, but faster and easier.  We took the gamble. I don’t know if it gained us anything or not.
An 8 foot wall graced our path.  With a bit of team work, Mercedes and Debbie were over the wall. I didn’t think I could get over after trying with Debbie and Mercedes help.  I was just too short and not enough arm strength.  A younger guy offered to help, giving me the guts to try one more time.  With a knee and a shoulder, I was climbing over. I couldn’t believe it! The help and sense of teamwork on the course is incredible.  Not once did any racer make me feel weak or that I didn’t belong. 
A final crawl through the mud, under barbed wire and we were on the count down to the end. 

This shot makes me feel like a real Spartan!

Sadly there are no photos of me jumping the fire.  That is okay, I am pretty sure I looked like a flailing monkey jumping over.  Down the hill, the first real sense of knee pain I had the whole course and it sent me limping in to the gladiators.

Gladiators! Aroo!

Tap, tap, tap, and I was crossing the finish line. I did it. I was a Spartan. I never gave up.

I am a Spartan!

 Thank you Mercedes and Debbie for being my battle buddies and never giving up on me. You are amazing and I would run beside you any time.


What they say is true. You’ll know at the finish line. 

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