Trapp Cabin 5k – Recap

I ran my first race since the Stoaked Standard Triathlon on September 24.  The Trapp Cabin 5k was part of the Stowe Trail Running Series and a lot of fun, made even better by the fact that they shortened it to 4k to make the overall series distance 15k (the previous 2 5k’s came in at 5.5k). Also running that day was Allie, a fellow blogger from Burlington. Only Allie was running the 10k, and her awesome friend Marlaina was running with her!

View from Trapp Cabin – photo courtesy of Allie West

Allie (in the white) and Marlaina (in the pink) are fantastic! I can’t wait to hang out with them again. They were so full of energy and good vibes, it was incredibly contagious. Allie and I had been tweeting back and forth ever since I found her blog, Healthy Balance, Healthy Life a few months ago, and the timing was perfect to meet up.

Marlaina, Allie, and I goofing around before the race – photo courtesy of Allie West

Since I was brilliant and forgot my camera at home, I have no pictures of my portion of the race or of me finishing. That is ok. I killed it in 28 minutes and 34 seconds. I have no idea how I ran that fast, even with my walking breaks. I must have been chased by wolves! 
I did manage to snag Allie’s camera from the car after my run, allowing me to get these great finishing shots of the girls. They were fantastic! 
Marlaina and Allie coming in hot and fast – photo courtesy of Allie West

After a quick stop for cider donuts at Cold Hollow Cider Mill, it was time for a beer and food at The Reservoir in Waterbury.  This was perhaps the best part of the day. I love sitting around and enjoying friends company.  As we walked to our cars in the rain, I hopped in to start up and pull away, only my car wouldn’t start. Somebody left the lights on. Allie got a great mini-lesson on jumping cars, and I got home safe and sound. It was a fantastic day!

Cider Donuts, The Reservoir, and the joys of jumping a car – photo courtesy of Allie West

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