I was a winner!

*** Edited 9/23 *** I have tried out the nail polish and it is one of the best I have ever used! It goes on smoothly, dries fast, and looks fantastic!

Back in August, Lindsay over at Cook Vegan Lover had a giveaway of nail polish. I am not an overly girly girl, I am not big into makeup (I tend to only wear it for special occasions), but I do love nail polish. I love to deck out my fingers and toes! The nail polish she was giving away? Beauty without Cruelty. I was psyched to enter the giveaway as I am always looking for new nail polish, and this seemed to be a great way to start getting away from companies that might or might not use animal products in their polish, as well as to get away from companies that test their products on animals.
As you all know, I am a meat eater, I always will be. I am ok with using products that have animal biproducts in them, but I like to know that animals have been treated humanly. Animals that have been tested on are not being treated humanly.
My nail polish arrived this weekend, and I cannot wait to try it out soon! The color is mermaid and I am in love.

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