That B*TCH Irene!

Its hard to believe the beautiful weather we had on Saturday, August 27, would lead us into the rain and flooding that was August 28th. We all knew Irene was coming, we all knew there would be rain and wind. What we didn’t know was the sheer devestation she would leave in her wake.
It was a matter of hours, for some minutes, to watch their homes, their businesses, their life, wash away. There wasn’t anyone in my life who wasn’t affected. My brother and his new wife of one day were unable to get home for several days. Half of my family on my dads side were isolated in Pittsfield. Coworkers either couldn’t get home or couldn’t leave their home. Friends lost the majority of their business. Jeremy lost his job. There were lots of tears, some laughter, and an indomidable spirit that just cannot be contained. Vermonters are the strongest, hardiest, most incredible people out there.
These are a select few photos.

River Street in Bethel midflood
Post Flood

Midflood view from the Bridge by my apartment

Bridge in Bethel on Route 12 headed towards Randolph

Woodfield – midflood
Timmy helping an elderly gentleman to safety. This is the road above the woodfield.
Woodfield – postflood

Woodfield – postflood

Before and after of Route 4 – Quite the perspective


Before and after of Simon Pearce – Jeremy worked here till Irene struck

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