My Next Step

While I am still exhausted despite the early to bed and somewhat early to rise thing I've got going on, I am feeling like I am ready to jump back into training!
After my Stoaked Standard Triathlon this past Saturday, I took some time off from exercising. My body needed the rest, and I didn't give it any the Sunday after since I was volunteering for the Stoaked Xterra Triathlong.  It is now Wednesday, my last full day of recovery.
Tomorrow I will be out on the volleyball court, playin my hardest, and I have a 5 mile walk planned for Friday after work providing it doesn't rain.  I am helping my Dad with yard work, running a weed whacker and a push mower on Saturday, and getting in a good swim and kayak on Sunday.
This brings me around to Monday. A good day to start back in with couch to 5k I am thinking. I left off at the beginning of week 6, but I am thinking it might be good for me to jump back to week 5.  I have two different 5k's I am interested in doing this fall and would love to be able to run the entire distance!

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