Stoaked Standard

So most of my friends already know I am a tad crazy, but they didn't know just how crazy until last week! What did I do? I signed up for my very first triathlon.
I had set a goal for myself that by the end of summer of 2012 I would complete a triathlon. I realize that is next summer and was perfectly content to work on my swimming, biking, and most importantly my running in preperation for next summer. Then I volunteered to work a triathlon on a Sunday that was double the distance of one offered on Saturday. When I volunteered, I was offered to do the shorter triathlon on Saturday for FREE! This was a $50 savings. I couldn't say no.
The triathlon is called the Stoaked Standard, and the one on Sunday is the Stoaked Exterra. The Standard is a 1/2 mile swim, a 10k mountain bike, and a 4k trail run. I am ok with breastroke and side stroke along with crawl for the swim, and I am ok if I have to walk some of the bike portions and some of the running trail. If I am last in on every single event, I am ok with that too. With only 4 weeks total to train for this, my goal is to finish. I do have a stretch goal and that is to finish the swim in under 30 minutes, the bike in about an hour, and the run in under 50 minutes.

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