Trail Run & Geocaching

On Wednesday, I participated in my very first fun run on a trail! It was a complete blast, and harder than any run I have ever done. I usually run a mile, and then walk run the second mile. This time however, I only ran about a half a mile and walk ran the second half. Cannot wait to do it again. The “simple” act of lifting my feet higher over roots, moving laterally to avoid roots and puddles, the cush of the grass through the field, the slipperyness of the pineneedles, all made my muscles work differently and so much harder. This is the type of running I could really get into.
Due to rain, volleyball was out for me last night. I didn't feel like getting stuck in the rain waiting for Jeremy to come pick me up if things ended early and my step brother wasn't there to bum a lift from.
This weekend J has to work. This leaves me home and carless. I am ok with this. I am going to check out a new to me activity of geocaching! I have heard about it in the past, but never thought it was something so “easily” doable. There are 7 caches that are located within walking/biking distance of my apartment, and oodles more within driving and hiking distance. Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.  If anyone is around and wants to join me in Randolph for some fun, I would love the company!

2 thoughts on “Trail Run & Geocaching

  1. Oh my, what might not you find! Sometimes it is just a log to sign, sometimes there are little toys (take one leave one) or buttons or things (nothing inappropriate) along with a log. Some are easy to find, others hard to find. You search them out with a GPS and I am borrowing a friends and also using my phone. There are also multi-caches which give you clues to the next cache until you come across the final. So much fun! Come with me sometime I'd you want!

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