Fenway and Photos

What a weekend… It was amazing!

Our adventure started with a bus ride to Fenway, along the way we shared a super yummy bottle of Riesling, paving the way for a kick ass Boston Red Sox game. Ok, so they lost, but to be at a live game was intense. Fenway is an experience all in itself, and I was so excited to share it Katy. It was only my second game, but it was Katy’s first time!

Before the game, we had time to grab dinner. Instead of looking for a nice sit-down restaurant, eating street food, Katy and I walked around looking for something easy, fairly healthy, and portable. Bruegger’s Bagels made the cut! A toasted pumpernickel with light garlic and herb cream cheese, a green machine Naked juice, and dark chocolate! Katy’s dinner was similar. We took our bagels and walked, looking for a way to get to the park along the Charles River. It wasn’t long before we had a water front bench with a view of the city.

Silly photos ensued, and before we knew it, it was time to head to Fenway to watch the game.

Our seats were awesome, section 14, up over the third base line.

Along with a great view of the game, the view of Boston was incredible, and we also were able to watch the moon rise.

Despite the Red Sox losing, it was still great. It wasn’t a shutout and there was lots of action.
It was a late night, Katy and I both slept on the bus ride home. So glad we were not driving!

Jeremy met me at the park and ride and we were off to Silver Lake State Park for a weekend of camping with family and friends. But that is another post

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