Peavine Park

In an effort to maintain my sanity with all the stresses going on, I have been biking more. But the biking is also about losing weight and getting healthy. Several summers ago biking is what led to a 30 pound weight loss, 25 of which has managed to creep back on over the last two years. I want the pounds gone again, plus some.

Tonight, Jeremy and I hopped on our bikes and pedaled our asses off to Peavine Park in Bethel. I could feel my quads burning within the first 5 minutes. It took us 50 minutes roughly to go the 12 miles. At Peavine Park, I stretched for a few minutes and then did about 20 minutes of yoga. Jeremy left when I started stretching to bike back to the house in Randolph to grab the car to come get me and my bike. He flew home!
I often forget about Peavine Park as a place to go, but with picnic tables, the river right there, a gazebo, it is a great place for a picnic, some fishing, a quick dip. It was the perfect peaceful spot for a bit of yoga. I will have to remember this place in the future!

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