Avatar – The Movie

This past Friday night, Mom and I went to see Avatar. I had been going back and forth on whether I wanted to see the movie because I am not normally a large sci-fi fan. That, and the idea of watching a 3D movie is just not appealing to me. What made me decide to go see the movie was the chance to spend some time with my mom, it wasn’t going to be shown in 3D, and the reviews I read were excellent.

The movie started with no previews, not warning, and it took just a moment to realize that it was the movie that was starting. Once we figured that out, it didn’t take very long for the movie to captivate us. All in all, I loved not having any previews to catch my attention and draw away from the movie. Some of the fight seens were a little longer than fully necessary, and yet, I was captivated from the very beginning.

There was so much more than the creation of the characters, the imagination behind the animals, the wonder of the moon. It really spoke of what happens when our society decides they want something. The humans took over the moon Pandora and exploited it. They were not willing to let anything, not even another culture/race/species stand in their way. It just goes to show that we are not the nice humans we make ourselves out to be. It reminded me of the way the Colonists treated the Native Americans, pushing them out of the way because they had something we coveted. It didn’t matter that they were there first, we wanted it, so we took it.

It also speaks volumes to the way we treat life and how life should be treated. On Pandora, all life is connected, not just in the trees growing from the dirt and people eating the fruit of the trees, but in the life connection. When animals were killed and trees were damaged, the people of Pandora were able to feel it. They were able to connect on a physical level with everything, and that connection was more than just a touch.

All in all, I loved this movie and was stunned at the powerful images it created and the impact it can have.

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