Summer got away with me!

I can’t believe that it has been over 2 weeks since I last posted!
A lot has been going on. Working of course, waiting for the big move. We are so close to being in the new space.
There was Paddle Power, fundraiser and awareness event for suicide prevention. Lots of fun, some rain, some shine, good food, good friends. It was a blast. Joseph won a kayak at the raffle, and he and Jeremy have been fishing non-stop.
Classes started for me, The Novels and Films of Stephen King at VTC on Wednesdays, and Digital Photography 2 through CCV online. Volleyball is going for just a big longer on Thursdays.
Jeremy, Joseph, Mel, and I all went kayaking and fishing in the pouring rain one Saturday, had a blast doing it. Had a BBQ on another Saturday, Mel and I cooked and relaxed, Joseph and Jeremy went fishing in kayaks. Jeremy got a nice 3 pound bass, we fried it up and HOLY YUM. Made great fish sandwiches for lunch the next day as well.
Another holiday party on Sunday, and then work for me early Monday morning.
I will be posting my assignments for Digital Photography 2 here. It will be fun to share my photos with a bit of a story to everyone.

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