Camels Hump

Saturday, Mom, Jeremy, and I embarked on an adventure. We took on Camels Hump in all its glory.
With all the rain we have, it has been wetter than ever. The streams had water in them, there was a beautiful little water fall. It made it extremely buggy as well.

This was a little more than a third of the way up the mountain. We were still feeling great at this point. There was another couple who we were going back and forth with in the “lead.”

The closer we got to the top, the harder it became. Breathing was harder, muscles were getting tight, we could really feel the burn. It was totally worth it when we rounded the corner and were at the summit.

It as a bit hazy, but the view was magnificent. I have been to the top one other time and was clearer but cold and windy. This day was breezy, very light thought, and warm! We put long sleeves on due to the breeze on our sweaty skin.

We had a great snack, spent some time wandering around looking from each angle, and marveling at the beauty. We had to be careful to stay on the rocks, because the alpine vegetation is very delicate.

The hike down was just as challenging! I managed to somehow tweak my knee just as we started the hike back down, which slowed me down. It hurt, the pain did not make the hike down as much fun as it could have been. We all slowed a lot the farther down the hill we got, all but limping to the car at the end.

The hike was fantastic. Jeremy had been up multiple times, I had been up one other time. Mom had never been up Camels Hump which made it all the better. Can’t wait to do it again, only from the other side this time.

4 thoughts on “Camels Hump

  1. I can't believe your mom hadn't hiked Camel's Hump before! I've always found hiking down the mountain just as challenging as going up. My knees usually feel shaky. I'm so glad you weren't injured badly enough to need Jeremy to carry you down 😉

  2. I know! She has done so much hiking and backpacking it surprised me too.
    It was just a tweak, nothing serious at all, but painful. Could have been a $3000 trip off the mountain lol

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