Typical Thursday

Yesterday was a wondeful typical Thursday. After work, I changed and hoped on my bike and took off for Bethel. The sky was blue, the sun was warm, a gentle breeze, I made the best time ever! Normally I would say it takes me approximately 55 minutes to ride the 7.5 miles from the hospital to the woodlot. Yesterday I made it in about 40 minutes. I was flying. It was wonderful.
At the woodlot, Jed was mowing and Abby was getting the volleyball from the camper. I was the first one, that never happens! It took a little while for people to show, but when they finally did, we had some great games of volleyball.
I tried to take a picture with my phone, only to realize the card was full! It took me a minute to get in and get some space freed up and by then it was too late to get a good picture, as the sun had just dipped down behind the trees. Next week!

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