Sunshine and Weekends

It was a beautiful weekend, with actual blue sky and sunshine. The weekend started early on Thursday with blue sky and sunshine and a nice breeze. I biked to volleyball, 7 miles with ups, downs, and flats. Volleyball went until 8:30 and I played every game. It was awesome!
Friday afterwork I spent some time with Mom, picking peas, and visiting. Sitting on the porch and relaxing was wonderful.
Saturday, Jeremy and I headed up to Camp Rob Mac for the rest of the weekend. We hiked to the pinnacle and were eaten alive by bugs on Saturday. We made dinner for us and Jeremy’s neice Sara and her husband Brent, and Jeremy’s parents. Joseph and Mel stopped to visit, as did Dad and Sammy. Sunday, Mom came up with Gilligan and Sophie and we hiked to the pinnacle again, this time remembering the bug spray. We didn’t follow the trail home, instead bushwacking through the woods. It was something none of us had done in a while and it was so much fun.
The weekend ended with a fun cookout up at Moms.

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