Lethargic and HATING It

With my history of depression, I take a lot of care daily to get what I need to remain healthy.

I make sure to get enough sleep, but not too much. Once in a while getting too little or too much doesn’t hurt me, but when it becomes a pattern, I get in trouble. The prime amount seems to be anywhere from 7 hours to 8 hours.

Eating right is another big one for me. While my mood is impacted more by the choices I eat than the amount I eat, both do affect me. The more fruits, vegetables, and meat I eat, the better I feel. The more dairy and grains I ingest, the worse I feel. I am strongly challenged with dairy and grains because I love them so much. Push come to shove, I will select a steak and greens over a bowl of spaghetti, but its a very close margin.

Exercise is another big part of keeping myself healthy. It can be a simple walk around the block, or a full blown workout. Being active is integral to keeping healthy. I am working on getting yoga into my daily routine, and have really enjoyed walking and biking when the weather allows. I’m trying to find a way to add videos to my daily workout, but I just seem to lack the motivation to pop it in and give it it a go.

The other big key factor in keeping myself healthy is getting enough sunshine. With all the rain we have, I am sorely lacking in the vitamin D department. If we could just get a few days each week of sunshine, I would be way happier and healthier. I know there are alternatives such as taning, but if I can at all avoid that, I prefer too.

I am keeping my fingers crossed today that the blue sky stays out and I can bike to volleyball. I am ok with clouds, as long as their is some blue sky and a bit of sun peaking out once in a while. The plan is to head up to Moms after work to pick some veggies and visit for a few minutes, before biking off to Bethel. The route is a bit different biking from Moms as it is from my place, although I feel like it is an equal workout either way.

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