Why are habits so hard to form? And others so hard to break?

I have never been able to really form a good habit for myself. I love to eat healthy and love to be outdoors and active, yet I also love to eat junk and veg out in front of the TV. I do know that some of the habits have taken years to develop and that it will take time to break them and learn develop new ones, but its remembering to do something on a daily and weekly basis that always throws me for a loop.

My weight is a struggle for me. I am completely comfortable with who I am, but know that my weight is not healthy and is going to lead to problems in my future. I want to do all I can to avoid diabetes and asthma as well as heart problems and anything else that can happen being overweight. Knowing I want to be healthier would seem to be the best motivation to keep a healthy life style, but somehow I always end up falling a step back for every step and a half I make forward!

I cook and eat healthy, although I do have a problem with portion. I seemed to have killed my off switch through years of emotional/boredom eating. My head will get wrapped around the idea I am still hungry and so eat a bit more I do. Sometimes I can get interested in something after I eat the first serving and can forget about food long enough for my body to recognize and tell me it is actually satisfied, but that can take upwards of an hour.

I love to exercise and be active, getting out the door is the hard part though. I can have all the best of intentions, but unless I get out the door, they don’t do me any good. I had friends in college who would be able to get me out the door to exercise but would soon tire of working out with me because I would just go and go and go.

I was at my most fit in highschool when I was attending Tae Kwon Do 2 – 4 days a week. I had achieved my red belt and was working towards my high red belt when I was in a car accident. Do to my injuries, although small, I was unable to participate and slowly stopped attending. I was also working as a lifeguard and swimming instructor, which helped keep me active and I was able to swim and work in the pool even with my injuries. Luckily at the time I was teaching a higher level class who didn’t need to be hands on. In college I become a water aerobics instructor and would get a workout 3 times a week or more because you did the moves along with the class, only standing on water. When college ended, I kept that up for a year or so, but soon moved away and let all of my credentials expire.

I can go for bike rides, hikes, and while I might huff and puff, I am the little engine that could. I don’t stop, ok thats not true, I take breaks, but I don’t quit. I keep going until I reach the goal, whatever that might be, however challenging it might get. I just lack the motivation to get out the door!

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