Thinning out the garden… YUM

This past weekend Jeremy and I spent time with Mom working on the gardens. We managed to get a fence up around one of the gardens as the chickens just would not stay out of it. We had to plant the squashes a 2nd and 3rd time because of the chickens getting into it! We had just the right amount of fencing to enclose it, which was nice to not have to try to figure out what else would keep them out. The rest of the squash got planted so hopefully we don’t have to try to replant everything again.
Once that project was done it was time to break for lunch. We had some fresh greens from the garden, we thinned the carrots, onions, parsnips, beets, chard, and lettuce, along with lettuce from the farmers market, egg salad with eggs from Mom’s chickens, and homemade pickles! Even the bread we used to make the sandwiches was made just one town over. It felt so good to be eating locally. Holy YUM!

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