I love long weekends!

This weekend has been awesome!

Friday night Jeremy surprised me and took me to the drive in. He made sure to hang on to a bit of money from his previous paycheck so he could take me out. Not that hanging onto $14 to get into a double feature is very challenging 🙂
Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Fired Up were playing and worth every penny! Paul Blart was a mall cop who got his chance at the big time in saving his mall when it was taken hostage by a group of thieves. Jeremy and I both laughed until our sides hurt, especially over his mini video on his segway.
Fired Up was your typical cheerleader movie, good team always placing last versus top teams, only there is a twist. Two boys who are only after tail sign up for cheerleading camp and end up loving the sport. There is also the requisite boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girl avoids boy, then girl falls in love with boy, happily ever after.
We packed some blankets, a snack, and some iced tea and curled up on the grass with a radio. It was the perfect night.
Saturday we went fishing and for a cookout with Jeremy’s parents. They had never been up to McIntosh Pond in South Royalton and it turned out to be the perfect place because we were able to have sun, shade, privacy, a great fishing spot, and it was a wonderful day. Burgers and dogs were cooked on the grill. Jeremy caught two pumpkin seeds, I caught a pumpkin seed and a dace. That was the extent of our catches for the day but it was still pretty exciting.
Sunday we did a bit of gardening with Mom, and I spent the afternoon feeling yucky! Not even a large glass of fresh veggie juice could get me feeling ok. We have almost everything planted finally. We will go back into the gardens and plant more chard and more lettuce because it grows so quickly and we want several harvests out of it.

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