Baby Chicks and Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind

About two weeks ago the hatchling that was beginning to stretch its legs in the big bad world was killed! My moms dogs got ahold of the chick and played with it, ultimately ending its little life. It was really sad, and Mom was super pissed at the dogs, which I totally can’t blame her for.
Sweetie, momma chicken, is sitting on a new batch of eggs, so hopefully we will get another baby chick or two.
This past weekend was also the arrival of our meat chicks and a few new layers. There were 35 chicks in all, 10 of them going to a friend of Mom and Lynda’s.
On the other end of the spectrum is the garden, which is getting closer and cloesr each day to being fully planted. There is only 2 gardesn left to plant, the other 4 are completely planted, along with the seperate potato patch! YAY!
The strawberrys look awesome, we layed down newspaper and hay in between the rows to help keep the paths clear. As they have started flowering, we are pinching all but a few buds this year so that the energy is spent on the roots and the offshoots.
It was a busy day as Mom and I also prepped watermelon rind to make Sweet Pickled Watermelon Rind. She had two bags of rinds to be trimmed, and it was perfect for making a half batch. All of the fruit, the pink, had to be trimmed away, as well as the green part of the rind. We set them to soak in a salt water brine over night.
The next day at work, Mom surprised me with a jar of the pickles. She finished them Monday morning and boy were they super tasty!!! They were a little less sweet than what I buy in the store, a bit more clovey/cinnamony, but oh soooo good. I can’t wait to wrap them in bacon for an appetizer, dice them up and serve over a baked potato! YUM.

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