Sad Day

Yesterday was a very sad day. We had to put Cupcake, our 34 year old Morgan, down.
Mom was at home and noticed she was laying down in a very awkward position, she stopped to check on her and she couldn’t get up. Mom called the vet, and spent the better part of the day with her, watching her struggle and in pain. As awful as it was, we were all SOOOO glad that Mom was able to be with her. The vet was able to put her down quickly and quietly, and she was in the ground by 2pm.
Iris, our other horse was frantic. She was tearing around the pasture and screaming. She continued on for the evening, winnying and crying, looking for her friend. My heart really went out to her as I was feeling the same way.
Cupcake came to us 15 years ago on a weekend I was away at a marching band event in the seventh grade. I loved taking her for bareback rides with just the halter and a lead rope down the road and through the woods at my Dads. I remember going to meet up with Katy and Gypsie, halfway between her house and mine, for trail rides. She never needed wooden fences or electric fences to keep her in, string worked just fine. I remember one summer I was having trouble catching her, I guess Cupcake just didn’t want to go in, and so I asked my brother for help. Wouldn’t you know it, she booted him, hard. Joseph had a huge bruise on his thigh for the rest of summer.
She was always willing to go for a ride, ready to jump out of the gate. She was also just as ready to go home, getting a jiggy walk when she knew we were headed back. She loved being brushed, especially rubs and scrubs on the forehead and between the ears. She hated, with a passion, the sadle being put on and the girth being tightened.
Cupcake loved snacks, carrots, apples, popcorn, popsicles, they were all great treats to her. We had to put her in at night because she would eat herself sick on the grass in the summer, and she would gorge herself on grain if the bin was left open.
She was my first horse and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. Cupcake couldn’t have asked for a better home than she got living with my mom either. I miss you!

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