Memorial Day Weekend

Ok, I might have recieved other gifts that have ranked right up there with it, but a weekend of camping with the family for Memorial Day is pretty darn high on the best ever list.

Silver Lake State Park and Campground is nestled into the small town of Barnard on Silver Lake. It is a small campground, with lots to do. There are horseshoe pits, volleyball, room to play kickball/softball, and of course swimming, boating, and fishing. It is my favorite place thus far to go camping.

There were 13 of us over 6 sites, with lots of visitors each day and night. Everybody took a meal, and there were some scrumptious ones to be had! I brought pizza, I was running way late coming back from the Cape, me run late, who knew 😉 There were bbq beef sandwiches, pasta salads, burgers and dogs, Dads’ Famous Weber Roast Beef, french fries and blooming onions, and the final night was a killer wing off! The first of Silver Lake Annual Wing Off’s to be had.

Jeremy and I borrowed a canoe from Mom and Lynda and went fishing twice, and let me tell you… I’M THE FISHING QUEEN!!! I caught more fish than anybody that weekend. The largest being an 8 inch bass. I can even bait my own hooks and take my own fish off the hook!

I can’t wait to do more camping and fishing, and I especially cannot wait until next year to go camping Memorial Day weekend with family again.

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