Cape Cod

In for the long haul… This is going to be a long one, covering my week long vacation on the Cape!

Mary, Jeremy’s cousin, and her husband Clint joined us for the week on the Cape. They had never been before, so it was great being able to experience so many of places and sites on the Cape that I love through new eyes.

When we arrived we were all pretty spent and after unloading the car and unpacking the perishables, a few minutes were spent checking out the new floors and the layout of the cottage and then it was off to bed!

Grocery shopping was our first item of business, and since we didn’t to go shopping hungry, as everyone knows that will usually double if not triple the goods, breakfast was our priority.

When Mary asked us if we knew a good place for breakfast, Jeremy and I responded in unison! Grumpy’s is the only place to get breakfast on Cape Cod in our opion. They always have some unusual choices along with the classics and we are never disappointed.

I love their homemade hash benedict, and get that almost exclusively. That and their french toast. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

The next few days were a whirwind of driving around and exploring the Cape and shopping. It was a great way to spend the rainy days we had. The majority of shopping was done at Cuffy’s. We all got oodles of tshirts and sweatshirts. Jeremy even got a couple of pairs of pants.

Despite the drizzles, we explored The Stony Brook Grist Mill and Herring Run [picture], took a trip to Chatham, and went thrift shopping!

When we got sun back, we took full advantage of it and went walking the beach. All beaches have tides, but Cape Cod Bay has a tide that goes out about a mile! The flats, the areas of sand where the water used to be, are a great place to explore. The feeling of walking where in just 6 hours there will be enough water to cover your head is pretty excilerating.
While out on the flats, we waded into the water and toed for a few clams. We only found a few, and as the water was a bit chilly, we finally gave up and headed back to the beach. The clams would have been great for any number of recipes, but we ran out of time to cook them, and since they were still alive, back into the bay they went.

The next day we still had the same great weather, and headed off to Provincetown for a whale watch. The Dolphin Fleet has been offering outstanding whale watches for as long as I can remember, and is who I always choose. There were over a dozen whales, mamas and babies, and oh it was just wonderful. It is a breathtaking site to watch the whales eat, hang out, and play. Almost as exciting as watching the whales was watching Mary’s expression when she saw them. Not as exciting was the girls standing behind us eiking and shrieking over and over and over!
Our second to last day was filled with beautiful weather as well, and we decided to go for a bike ride. We found the best location ever on the Cape for renting bikes. Orleans Cycle had the best rates, awesome service, and was perfectly located. I was very impressed and will do all bike business with them when I visit the Cape in the future. We had stopped the night before about an hour after close and they were still there and sold us the tubes we needed! How awesome is that?
Our bike ride was excellent, we biked from Orleans Cycle all the way to Eastham and took a little detour off of the Cape Cod Rail Trail onto the Nauset Bike Trail and down to Coast Guard Beach. It was a beautiful day and felt so good to bike along. We went just about 6 miles to the beach, and about a mile into the trip back, the crank screw on Jeremy’s bike snapped! He was left walking his bike with Mary walking with him. Clint and I rode ahead back to the bike shop to buy a screw. When we got there, they gave us the screw that we needed and DIDN’T CHARGE us for it; even after I told them if wasn’t their bike the part broke on. It really made me a loyal customer after all they did for us.
Clint and I started our bike ride back, and ran into Jeremy and Mary about 4 miles back from the bike shop. Jeremy got the bike fixed and we rode leisurely back to the shop. I was POOOPED but felt so good. I can’t wait for the weather to clear up so I can get back to biking around home.
The last day was spenting cleaning and packing, and a final breakfast at Grumpies. Did I mention it is the best place to get breakfast on the Cape EVER???

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