Water Consumption

Water is by far my beverage of choice. I like it flat or sparkling, room temp or cold, but find that I just don’t drink as much as I should be. I have tried different water bottles to see if that helps me to drink more water, I have tried filling a jug and drinking off from it from the fridge, and I have tried filling small containers and drinking from them. Nothing seems to really help me keep track or get as much water as I need.
My favorite water bottle is a SIGG but isn’t always the easiest to drink from, get water into (at least at work), and tends to warm up faster. However, I really like that it isnt going to leak anything into my water. Yet lately I have been using a water bottle, biking style, that I recieved from Noble Power because I can fill it quickly at work and its easy to drink from, but I don’t know if it is BPA-free.
I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, but feel the best when I am able to drink about 100-110 ounces of water a day. Going with the 64 ounces a day is what is recommended, but I like drinking half of my body weight in ounces a day.
So far, one bottle worth, at least 2 to go! I really don’t know how many ounces the NoblePower bottle is, but I figure its at least 20 ounces, and if I drink 3 of them at work, the water I drink at home will at least get me my 64.
On another note, my camera is fixed and I get it back tomorrow night! Once I get it back, I am going to work on a food journal. I want to know what I am eating, what doesn’t work, and what I want to change. It will start on Friday if I have internet on the Cape. If I do not have internet on the Cape, I will not start keeping a food journal until I get on the 26th!

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