Happy Mothers Day!

Today was a day full of celebrating Moms. Jeremy was up early to finish the Johnny Cash CD’s for his mom. They came over for breakfast after they left church, and was thrilled to get the CD’s. They were late following us to Rite Aid because they had a hard time picking out which CD to listen to She loved it!
Jeremy spent some time visiting with a few friends while I spent some time up at Mom’s transplanting tomatoes.
There were A LOT of them! I can’t wait until they start producing fruit 🙂
I checked on the little chicken and (s)he isn’t so little anymore. No longer covered in baby chick fuzz there are lots of new feathers coming out. Very cute!
I prepped veggies for roasted vegetables and minced garlic to saute with the green beans, and caramelized onions and peppers to mix into the meatloaf.
Mom and Lynda had been on the Cape this weekend, so I thought it would be nice to have a meal made for them when they got home. Mom did pick out the meal and it turned out to be the perfect meal for the chilly day we had!
I had made coffee for Lynda, and decaf ready for Mom. Not one to drink coffee in the afternoon, Mom felt like it was the perfect way to end the long drive home from the Cape.
Mom brought home some leftover juice she had made for the trip and it sure was TASTY! I could taste beets and carrots and apples, there was some cucumber and I am not entirely sure what else. Makes me wish I had a juicer at home, along with the money to buy produce to make the juice. Someday 🙂
Mom also had some leftover kombucha from the weekend and it is so much better than anything store bought, and once you have your own culture, SOOOOO much cheaper.
It was a great day, the only thing that could have made it better was a bit warmer of a day.

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