All week long I have felt like I have been left out of enjoying the sun, getting my hands dirty, and really enjoying spring. Not this weekend!
I got the car cleaned, inside and out, which felt so good since it hasn’t been done since before winter. While I cleaned my car out, Jeremy helped Mary at the carwash and earned a few bucks which was nice.
Then, today, I got to play in the dirt. Mary decided to dig up an old garden that had been over run with weeds. There were some big nasty roots from trees that were sending out root babies, and it took a lot of shoveling and yanking to get them out, but when we did, she has a nice beginning to a new garden. She is hoping to fill it with lots of different vegetables, and a few flowers.
Oh yeah, and we spent several hours shooting guns. I was super excited about how accurate I was with both the 22 and the 30-30. I am really looking forward to taking Hunter Safety and being able to go hunting hopefully this coming fall.

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