This weekend was spent house sitting at Mom and Lynda’s while they went to the Cape. They had the dogs, so it was a matter of keeping the kitties and horses fed, and making sure the chickens got in each night.
Jeremy and I had planned to try to get the garden beds weeded and turned and ready for planting, along with a load or two of manure to each location. That got waylaid when we decided to muck out one of the horses run-ins. During the winter, Cupcake gets closed into the run-in because Iris bullies her away from her food. Between the snow and freezing, it is difficult to clean out daily, so in the spring, Mom mucks it out, laying lime, sand, and fresh sawdust.
Since the run-in was where we were taking the manure from, we decided to just keep going and muck out the entire space. It took us a little over 2 hours to clean out, lime, and sand. Mom said she would get sawdust when she got home to put down.
After hoeing out, before lime and sand.

Today, we were supposed to tackle the garden beds, but with the temperature in the 20’s and SNOW, it has to wait for a bit warmer of a day.

We celebrated April birthdays yesterday at Dad’s and had a great meal. Spent some time with Jeremy’s sister and her kids, and didn’t make it home (Mom’s) to go to bed till midnight! It was a late night, and I am glad we stopped at Mom’s before we went to his sisters to feed the animals.

Today was brunch with Jeremy’s parents at The Steakhouse on the Barre-Montpelier Road in Barre. The food was ok, nothing great. Then we had an awesome Sunday drive home.

2 thoughts on “Mucking

  1. I completely forgot about using my phone to take a before picture! It was at least up to the top of the baseboard in the run-in.It felt awesome to have it all done, but I feel a bit sore still from all the work.

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