A Slow Day

After a slow day of doing nothing, I ended up not making dinner tonight! We ate at Jeremy’s sisters so the beef stroganoff is going to have to wait until tomorrow.

Last night, or should I say early early this morning, I didn’t hit they hay till almost 2am. Not something I should have done, but we got sucked into the show Intervention. It made for a rough morning, early afternoon, as I didn’t get out of bed till about 12:15. I havent slept in like that in over a year and the last time I was SICK SICK SICK.

I have been left feeling overly lethargic with an unusually low lack of motiviation. I think I will be off to bed early tonight, so that I can get up and feel good to go to work tomorrow. I know how important sleep is to my health, but I had forgotten how important until today.

I have found a new favorite snack! A plain Chobani drizzled with honey. The thickness of greek yogurt is so much more satisfying than the thin oozy yogurts I grew up with. Greek yogurt also has a bit more tang to it which I find I enjoy more than the sickly sweet of light yogurts.

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