Roast Beef Dinner

Under the impression we might have company for dinner, I decided to make a roast beef for dinner. The days are back to being a bit cool (IT WAS SNOWING TODAY) and a nice hot meal was just what was needed. I served it up with baked sweet potato and steamed broccolini. (Company never came.)

The roast went into the oven at 325 for just over an hour and a half. It was a 4lb roast, so it was a little over 20 minutes a pound. While still tender and tasty, it ended up being a bit tougher and over cooked for my taste. I poked several holes into the roast, filling each one with a small clove of garlic; sprinkled the top with salt, pepper, and a dusting of flour. The flour mixes with the melted fat and creates a beautiful crust.

The sweet potatoes were rubbed down with olive oil and baked with the roast. Normally sweet potatoes take about an hour at 425, but since the temp was a bit lower, the longer time was necessary. Since they were so huge, Jeremy and I split one. The two leftovers will be used somehow for dinner tomorrow night. The broccolini was simply steamed, with plenty left over for dinner tomorrow night as well.


On a different note, I spent several hours yesterday taking the hard drive out of my old computer and placing it in Jeremy’s parent’s computer and getting all of my photos and music off of it. That felt so good, as I was extremely scared I had lost all of those photos!

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