Urging of Friends

With the urging of friends, I am again going to attempt at keeping this blog updated. I am hoping that with the help of my digital photography class, which is going to be requiring me to keep a journal/blog of my photography assignment, will help me keep this going. Along with photographs, hopefully there will be some great dishes as well. Not all will be my own personal recipe, but dishes I have made from recipes found online or in cookbooks.
There have been many changes in my life as well. I am living in Burlington and have been for several months now. I am in a cute, small, two room studio on Pearl Street, 2 blocks from Church Street. Living with me is my boyfriend, Jeremy, whom I have been with for the last five months. He makes me happy and enjoys life as much as I do. I am no longer working at Capitol Grounds in Montpelier, my commute is about 15 minutes as opposed to the 60 minutes it was before; I am working at Hannaford in the deli department. I am taking classes again, working towards my
bachelors so that I can move forward with life.

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