New Tattoo!!!

I finally have the mermaid tattoo I have been wanting to get for 3 years now! She is beautiful.

Mitch from Fast Lane Tattoo exceeded my expectations with this.
I drove 3 hours to get to the party, 4.5 hours to get home (taking a detour to pick up a friend) and it was well worth the time spent.
My next tattoo will hopefully be done by Patsy, the owner of Fast Lane Tattoo, and will be an Olivia Mermaid.
She will be on my left shoulder blade; hopefully she will be the jumping off point to create at least a half sleeve on my left arm as well.
I spent five years looking for the perfect mermaid for tattoo, and one I just got and the Olivia Mermaid are the two I came across. It took me close to five years to find them, and then it has taken me three years to get the first one.
I have tried many times to come up with a specific reason on why mermaids. I have been unable to express in words their meaning to me. They are one of the few things I collect that has no purpose other than to please me. (By that I mean I collect Sydenstricker Glass, but that is as useful as it is beautiful). It is between my draw to the sea and water in general and the urge to always want what I am unable to obtain, that pulls me to them I believe.
When and if I am ever able to put into words the hold mermaids have on me, I will let you know.

One thought on “New Tattoo!!!

  1. Hello, this is Celine frome Sweden. I really got to say that you’r tatto on your left foot are amasing. If it’s your’s of course =)!And the Mermaid you found is the most coolest and beautiful and special ever! Good choise!Exuse my english!//Celine

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