Frozen Bitterness

“I am never baby-sitting for the Fisk’s again!” Kelly thought to herself as she hurried home along the snow covered sidewalk. “I was supposed to have been home at three. They didn’t even apologize for being so late, and then, on top of that, they didn’t even pay me! Just pushed me out the door saying they would get me the money another time.”

As the temperature dropped, the snow began to fall harder, limiting visibility to a few feet in front of Kelly; she had to rely on the mailboxes and fences to know where she was. Still simmering over how the Fisk’s had treated her; she didn’t see the car careening around the corner until it was right in front of her.

“Oh shit,” Kelly squealed as she leapt backwards, stumbling and landing hard on her tailbone. With the breath knocked out of her, it was all she could do to concentrate on where the car went. Since the visibility had been so low, she prayed the diminishing rumble of the exhaust meant the car was safely past her. The car had in fact been some type of dark SUV, reminding her of the Explorer the Fisk’s drove.

It wasn’t until Kelly had stood up, picked up her bag that she dropped, and started walking that she realized the SUV had turned around and was heading back her way. The SUV appeared to be ambling along, a much more appropriate speed for the weather conditions than it was traveling before.

Ducking her head to avoid the harshness of the wind and snow, Kelly proceeded to continue towards home, not giving another thought to the SUV. Kelly took a glance to her right and knew that she was almost home; it was so hard to mistake the Lincoln’s flamingo mailbox.

Kelly turned to walk up her driveway, only to hear a loud crack; she slumped to the ground as the stars danced in front of her eyes.

Written during my creative writing 2 class – Spring 2007

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