New Years Eve

So, I realize it has been forever, and I do mean forever since I last posted anything here. It is New Years Eve, Stan and I are at Katy and Matt’s. Stan and I bought the Nintendo Wii and are finding ourselves slightly obsessed with playing it. Because of this obsession, we brought the Wii with us, and have managed to infect them with the power of the Wii. Over the course of the day today, Stan and I have not spent any time with people who did not have a Mii, I think its a discriminatory thing!

Dinner was your basic meat and potatoes, only not so basic. Thanks to Rachel Ray’s 2, 4, 6, 8, Great Meals for Couples or Crowds it was grilled flank steak with a yummy marinade that had everything but the kitchen sink, rosemary and thyme roasted potatoes, and a blue cheese, tomato, and basil/shallot dressing. Followed by the typical chocolate cake and milk; rich, flourless chocolate cake, with whipped cream on top! Next time I will remember to take pictures!

As our evening moved away from the Wii to a game we could all play, Jenga became the game of choice. After a particularly messy tumble, we realized we had a missing block. Who knew that dogs could destroy a Jenga block in under 3 seconds! I got out of playing when they decided that the rules of the game were to pull 2 Jenga blocks at the same time!

A brisk walk down to the lake to catch a glimpse of the exploding colors and booming sounds finished out the night, and the year. As a New Years Resolution, not only am I joining the masses and vowing to drop some weight, I am also going to work on turning this blog into a food blog as well as a place for me to share the fruit of my creative juices as I take another creative writing class this spring.

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